KB GPR Surveys- GPR surveys you can trust

Based in Southampton with local offices in London and Manchester, KB GPR Surveys Ltd provide Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) surveys and consultancy services throughout the UK and worldwide. We support GPR training through COST Action TU1208 and EuroGPR, in addition our website offers a free online GPR training resource, intended to raise awareness about GPR and its capabilities in a convenient and readily available format.

KB GPR Surveys is a fully impartial company, with links to several GPR manufacturers but no specific allegiance, we currently use equipment manufactured by UTSI Electronics, GSSI and IDS Ingegneria Dei Sistemi, our focus is towards choosing the best performing and most practical GPR for any given job and developing custom equipment as required to meet specific survey needs.

We understand the technical and practical limitations of GPR however, using our customised equipment, efficient working processes and quality control methods we can minimise the limitations of the technology and provide the best results for every job.

Through COST Action TU1208 and links to local universities we engage with academia to improve GPR standards and education around the world and maintain our position at the leading edge of GPR. We are also close supporters of the EuroGPR association.

All KG GPR Surveys staff are subject to our rigorous internal training process, as well as being encouraged to expand their knowledge outside of KB GPR. Coupled with our extensive GPR experience, good education allows us to fully understand GPR technology and operate it in the most advantageous way for any given environment.

Our projects are managed in accordance with our internal quality control system to ensure that results are delivered to the highest achievable standard. All our drawings are fully reviewed prior to issue. Our drive is to offer professional, reliable, and high quality GPR services, we are also not afraid to turn down work for which GPR is not suitable.

Meet the owner

KB GPR Surveys is owned and managed by Kevin Banks. With experience in a wide variety of GPR applications built over several years working for manufacturers, universities and survey companies, and a long list of successful GPR projects. Kevin has been active in GPR for over ten years.