TriVue vs UtilityScan DF vs Opera Duo
Recently we took the opportunity to get hold of some entry level GPR and put them side by side for comparative testing. The GPR we chose were: the TriVue by UTSI Electronics, the UtilityScan DF by GSSI, and the IDS Opera Duo/ Leica DS2000. All three GPR’s were...
GSSI UtilityScan DF Review
The antenna box contains 300 and 800 MHz dipoles and the integrated electronics in an impressively small package, which is further contained within an injection moulded plastic box for weather proofing. All the connections are housed…
utsi trivue review
UTSI TriVue Review
This triple frequency Ground Penetrating Radar contains pairs of 250, 500, and 1000MHz diepoles, alongside an integrated battery and all of the electronics, in one ‘antenna’ box. It communicates with the controller via a wireless link...