Chimney flue location

- Location and mapping of chimney flues using GPR

- Non-intrusive survey (NDT)

- Minimal impact

Rebar detection

- On site mark out of rebar locations

- Penetration up to 0.5m; detection of multiples layers of rebar

- Non-destructive survey (NDT)

Structural GPR surveys

- GPR surveys of bridges and tunnels

- GPR investigation to detect rebar and post tension cables

- Determine as-built information

Custom GPR solutions

- Bespoke GPR surveys for specific applications

- Custom built equipment

- Detect foundations and voids

Pavement layer analysis

- GPR surveys of roads and runways at traffic speeds

- Non-destructive (NDT) measurement of layers

- Highlight anomalous zones for further investigation


Ground Penetrating Radar survey, also referred to as GPR survey is non-destructivecost effective technology that is used to look beneath the surface to detect underground features and utilities. GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar) offers the best resolution for any near surface geophysical investigation technique, relatively fast data acquisition, and reliable results.

Applications for GPR are very varied; GPR can be used to find anything where there is sufficient contrast between the electrical properties of the material of the ground and the material of the feature being detected.

When used in partnership with EM as part of a PAS 128 compliant underground utility survey, GPR will elevate the survey quality to the highest level achievable in any given environment. For structural investigation, GPR is fully non-invasive and offers advantages not achievable with any other survey method.

In cooperation with academic organisations and networks including COST TU1208, our survey partners, and EuroGPR, and using our large variety of often customised GPR (we choose the best performing GPR based on comparative tests from all manufacturers) KB GPR Surveys provide high quality Ground Penetrating Radar surveys for all types of application.

With offices in Southampton and London, and local representatives in Birmingham and Manchester, we offer cover for all the UK as well as international requirements.



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